FEEL IT - Emotional & Social skills for Education

"Feel it" project seeks to act in the prevention and diagnosis of students’ emotional skills. In a society where young people are increasingly experiencing problems with anxiety and in knowing how to deal with their own emotions, within this project will be created a course that will help schools to identify their pupils’ emotions and equip them with tools and skills for self-regulation and emotional control.

Why it matters?

Youth anxiety and depression are at record levels and, sadly, it keeps rising with each year. Studies show that 1 in every 3 young people (12-24 years old) experience anxiety on regular basis. Most of them leave it untreated and unmanaged beyond their 20's despite half of mental health issues trigger before 14 years of age. Once these and other daily triggers (ex: stress) are combined, it impacts negatively mental health, overall performance and quality & enjoyment of daily life. 

Who is it for?

Main aim of the project is to developing emotional and social competences of 12-17 years old students within blended learning programme using digital tools and distance learning approach and provide te achers / school educators with innovative and training contents and digital tools to apply emotional intelligence skills in their daily activity thus improve and update theirs pedagogical, methodological and procedural knowledge and skills.

How we'll achieve it?

IO1 - E-learning platform 
The main aim of this result is to create an e-learning course to develop emotional and social competences among students using digital tools and distance learning approach. An e-learning course based on pop culture , it means: movies and series, music, comics, media’s and social media situations or some stories about the lives of famous people in pop culture.


IO2 - E-book
The e-book will include practical tips for teachers how to organize virtual classes and video testimonials of teachers participated in pilot phase of the project. 

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